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We are trusted and affordable windshield replacement and repair specialists.

Beleza Auto is a Gauteng Based after market supplier of windshields / windscreens. ,The company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of laminated windscreens since 2008. We work with great ardor to maintain our reputation for providing the highest quality products for the lowest possible price from the largest inventory in the industry.

Glazed surfaces: 

In the last two decades, the average glazed surface of a vehicle increased 30 % ( 38 % for coach windscreens ). A more luminous cabin, a wider and better sight: these elements are the main objectives of the designers, that compete to increase the surface of glass on board of every new model.

Modern glass features: 

  • increased safety
  • passenger heat protection
  • absorbation of exterior noise
  • faster de-icing windscreens
  • and much more

Thus, the glazing technology has become a new argument of differentiation for Coach manufacturers and Glass suppliers.